Nikki Farmer


Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hello, I’m Nikki ! My practice is predominately making computer generated images but I also dabble in ceramics to get away from the screen and DJ on the side ( Madame Tropical Downbeat ) . I usually start by sketching or painting and then move across to the computer. I like florals and pastels and feelings.

What drew you to these?

I don’t consider myself to be a very good drawer, so I like that I can get a really effective and clean image on a computer, and that I can make mistakes and just delete them.

How do you aim to practice your craft ethically? Do you think it is the creative practitioners responsibility to be conscious of ethical art making?

Good question! I 100% think is it the artists’ responsibility. I know that a really good way for me to make an income from my work is to put my designs onto clothing or textiles. And there are lots of flaws in the fashion industry so I find it to be my responsibility to make sure I’m printing onto sustainable fabrics and that the production of those fabrics is within fair trade standards.

What are tips that you have for other artists for ethical art making?

I think if you’re outsourcing supplies / trades / services it is so important to know where every aspect of your product is coming from! This can be really hard to do when everything is mass produced so I guess if you can use found /second-hand /local things that is great!

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 11.00.41 pm.png

How does culture interplay into your practice?

I often use a lot of Australian native flora in my work, as well as Australian popular culture type things… like Arnotts biccies and VB bottles. I guess I’m drawn to these things because they remind me of growing up in Australia and having biscuits in the garden. For example, my illustration of the beer bottles and flowers explores the nature of Australian drinking culture and the relationship it has with feminine/masculine associations.



What do you think about cultural appropriation in creative fields?

Cultural appropriation is gross! I think creatives and artists play a really important role in diminishing cultural appropriation. I am particularly against fast fashion and unethical fashion. I feel like we’re still so saturated in it – so I really commend creative practitioners who go the extra mile to make sure their products are ethical.

Love Nikki’s cute creations as much as we do? Check out her instagram: nikki_farmer_

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