Creative Sensitivity: The Role of the Creative Practitioner

“Art has its own power in the world, and is as much as force in the power play of global politics today as it once was in the arena of cold war politics”
– Boris Groys

The role of art and design across all cultures has always played a powerful role in how society has behaved, dressed and viewed the world. It is for this important reason that creative practitioners hold an immense power and responsibility to ensure that the works that they create are those which are ethically moral. For a work created by an artist that circulates amongst the masses has the ability to influence the entire audience’s perspective and actions.

This is why at the Creative Sensitivity project, we believe that it is important for emerging designers and artists to ensure that when portraying / taking inspiration from different cultures, especially minorities, to do so with the utmost sensitivity; carrying out as much prior research as possible.

It is a fine line between cultural appropriation and inspiration, but it is important to serve justice and respect to the cultures that inspire you but ensuring that the meanings and values behind their cultures are not stripped whilst their imagery is appropriated as “a pretty pattern”.

For you have the power to end the fetishisation of these cultures in the mass media, to end the cultural misappropriation from these cultures and to end misrepresentation of marginalised groups.

Sign the petition standing against cultural misappropriation:



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  1. She Creates says:

    Hey Creative Sensitivity! This is such an important topic you’re covering. The role of the creative sensitivity and cultural appropriation is such a big issue, especially in the world of design. Whether it be a large international clothing designers (*ahem* looking at you H&M, Marc Jacobs, Chanel and so many others) or a university student accidentally or overtly appropriating or inappropriately using imagery or techniques from other cultures, it is not okay. People need to be more aware and actively engage in these dialogues. I just signed your petition standing against cultural misappropriation, I also have shared it over on the She Created twitter page to ensure as many people get involved as possible. I would love to get She Creates ( committed to this as well and ensure that as creative women we are passionate and committed to calling out and stopping cultural misappropriation.

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    1. monchips says:

      What a wonderful cause you have going!


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