Give us a quick intro!
A designer and influencer into bright colours and bright dispositions. Spreading colour around the world through digital illustrations, typography and repeat patterns.

Why do you do what you do?
I love the ease and freedom of drawing digitally, and how designing allows me to draw and travel the world (my two favourite things).

Do you think it is the creative practitioners responsibility to be conscious of ethical art making? How do you practice this?

Yes, designers have a responsibility to be ethical in their practices. Personally I try to only work with companies and brands that use ethical manufacturing processes or environmentally friendly materials. I also prioritise projects which empower women or are run by women.


What are tips that you have for other creatives for ethical art-making?
Think about how your work contributes to the world and whether those ideas or design processes it uses are beneficial.

 How does culture interplay into your practice?
Besides a fascination with Italian Memphis group designers, my own heritage doesn’t really influence my work. I am always trying to be conscious and sensitive of other cultures though. 

Do you actively aim to avoid cultural appropriation in your work? If so, how?
Definitely- I research and avoid using any traditional motifs or designs from other cultures in my work.                                                           

What are your thoughts on cultural appropriation in creative fields?
I think cultural appropriation is often inadvertent or unintentional, but that fact alone points to a larger problem of white dominance, ignorance of other cultures and lack of diversity in the creative industry.

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