Fashion in recent times has become an industry that appropriates culture for it’s own capitalistic gain more than most. This, in our eyes, is a result of a lack of education as to the damage caused by cultural appropriation (or more correctly put, cultural misappropriation).

This website functions as a place for creatives to get educated on what cultural appropriation is in our eyes and explore the effects of it on marginalised communities.

We acknowledge and understand that the term is a grey area and it is tough to succinctly define what is and isn’t misappropriation. The website serves as more of an ethical guide exploring options for those in creative fields to understand how their actions can impact others.

We aim to get as many creatives as possible to understand the effects and ramifications of cultural misappropriation to understand how their job as creative practitioners will effect marginalised groups in society.

We hope that you will agree to join our pledge to try not to practice cultural misappropriation as an ethical front of solidarity to help practice; creative sensitivity.

Thank You.

the Creative Sensitivity Project.