Craig Stubbs-Race

21460169_10211135517716842_976600471_oTell us about yourself!

Craig Stubbs-Race. I am a 4th year Media Arts student with a focus on filmmaking and 3D content creation. In the past I have played around with animation, documentary and design. Lately I have been teaching myself a bit of web development, motion graphics, photogrammetry and screenwriting.

Things that interest me and I would like to explore are virtual bodies, music festivals, mental health, masculinity,

What drew you to these practices:

I grew up making clay-mations and Flash cartoons. I loved playing with my parents old video cameras as a kid. Most of what I know now just came from my circumstances and drive to be as multi skilled as possible.

Major work won me a camera; better learn how to use it. Didn’t get into university after high school; went to TAFE and learnt graphic design. I needed to make a portfolio website; so I taught myself how to build a website.

University uses Maya; better teach myself Maya. What’s that? 3D modelling takes too long? I’ll just learn photogrammetry. Hey I can use that camera I won to do it. Oh I should learn how to put all my 3D scans into my footage. I need this program to do it. Now I have to teach myself this new program.

And so on and so on.


How do you aim to practice your craft ethically?

In the past when I have shot documentaries or have had ideas for projects I will do as much research as I can to make sure I am covering certain topics with sensitivity. I think it is important as a filmmaker to understand why a topic needs to be covered in a certain way and to understand that some topics can offend. In the past I have decided to completely change or drop an idea. Through my research of if I am making an ethical artwork, I will learn that I am not the right person to cover a certain topic.

I believe it is 100% the artists responsibility to be conscious of ethical art making. I believe that an artist should be aware of any ethics surrounding a topic or concept they are covering, even if they choose to be insensitive.

21942417_10214205301915006_162164390_nWhat are tips that you have for other artists / creative for ethical art-making:

Research. Read. Discuss ideas. Read opinions and consider why you may or may not agree with the way someone feels about a topic. Understand your own prejudices and understand that not everyone will agree with you. Be progressive in your thoughts and practice but be respectful of other people’s ideas.

How does culture interplay into your practice?

I feel a part of the Sydney creative scene. I like interviewing and working with creatives around Sydney.

My heritage has yet to play into my practices. I would like to do a piece one day on my experience growing up half-asian, but I feel there are already so many of those.

Do you actively aim to avoid cultural appropriation in your work? 

When I think about it, most of what I have made seems to be neutral in regards to culture. I think I would avoid cultural appropriation by only creating something based on my own culture and heritage, that way I know I have an authentic voice on the topic.

Hypothetically if I were to make a documentary on a culture not my own I would never step in as a commentator or a figure of authority. I would just let the people who are actually part of said culture be the voice of my film.

What are your thoughts on cultural appropriation in creative fields?

White washing is not ok.

Follow more of Craig’s experimental work @craigwave &

Sign the petition towards ethical creativity here


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